Sunday, September 15, 2013

Praying (Preying) Mantis

Praying (Preying) Mantis
 I almost missed this guy.  I was trimming back some out-of-control foliage and when I got to one of my roses, my keen eyes (with the help of a mighty powerful prescription) landed on him. It's been a while since I've seen a praying mantis in my garden.  But today, he (maybe she?) was definitely a "preying" mantis.  I'm not sure what it had in its grips, some sort of moth-like insect, but it was going to town.  

I've always heard that mantises (mantes? manti?) are good for the garden.  And it's true, they are an organic solution to certain bothersome pest problems.  But absent pests, they'll eat beneficial insects too.  And absent those, I'm given to understand they'll eat each other.  Ewww.

So let's not end on that grim note.  Let me offer you a picture of a really pretty flower:  Zinnia "Orange Profusion."  Happy thoughts.
Zinnia "Orange Profusion"

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