Sunday, August 16, 2015

Remember That Pot?

In my May 17th post, I had a picture of a beautiful, square, Italian terracotta pot.  Here's what I planted in it:

  • Ivy Geranium ("Contessa Burgundy Bicolor" and "Precision Blue")
  • Purple Sage
  • English Thyme
  • Salvia ("Wild Thing")
  • Hypericum Calycinum ("Brigadoon")
  • Heuchera Coral Bells ("Obsidian")
  • Alpine Geranium

I've listed these to point out that you can put more plants than you think in one container as long  as they all have similar sun and water requirements.  

Here's how the pot looked soon after I planted it.  I'll do my best to remember to take a picture at the end of the season.  

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