Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Fistful of Herbs

This will be the first of many "before" and "after" features. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you use a lot of herbs, it makes so much sense just to grow them yourself. It's a timesaver and most definitely a money saver. If you're mostly into Italian cuisine, just grow yourself a whole bunch of basil, parsley (I'm partial to Italian, also known as flat leaf, parsley) and oregano. Note: remember to plant oregano by itself--it's a greedy herb and likes to take over everything. If you like really savory foods, be sure to plant rosemary and sage. Of if you just want to marinate some chicken or other meat for the grill, just snip some herbs and toss them with some salt , pepper and olive oil in a zip top bag along with your meat of choice for a couple of hours. Simple and tasty beyond words. Plus, you'll smile at your own brilliance when you find yourself strolling right on by those expensive, wilting herbs in the supermarket secure in the knowledge that you have an endless supply in a pot right outside your door.

Remember the picture I posted about a month ago showing how I planned to arrange the herbs in my modified whiskey barrel? Here's that "before" picture and next to it is the "after". Oh happy day.

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Anonymous said...

For anyone in the Alexandria area near Knolls....Thier gardening plants/flowers are usually pretty good. More expensive than Home Depot etc... but usually better quality. However, the petunias I got thier last year were horrible, they all died! I told Knolls and they said they had trouble with them. But, not refund offer. They have good produce too.