Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shades of Green

One of my favorite gardening books is Sydney Eddison's "The Gardener's Palette" because it taught me to look at color in a whole new way. I used to think every container needed to be a riot of color. It wasn't until after a couple of years of gardening that I realized when viewing a garden, one's eyes need a place to rest. In her book, there is one section in which she asks the reader just to appreciate all the types of green in nature. Green in a garden is not only calming, but provides an effective transition between colors.

I was doing some cleaning up of dead leaves and such yesterday and came across this wonderful cluster of greens. The main attraction of this pot is a Japanese Maple but I have lots of things planted underneath it including Lamium, Heuchera, Creeping Jenny and Geranium. This photo is a closeup of some of that green foliage. Though there is no bloom to be found, I think it has a beauty all its own.

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Fern said...

Great post! I just came inside after contemplating a container that I think might not have enough contrast between the colors of the leaves. I have a scented geranium that has sort of green/silvery leaves in front of a wormwood plant that has white/silvery leaves. I wish when I was picking everything out I had paid more attention to the different colors of leaves!