Monday, February 8, 2010

Waiting for Spring.... may be awhile


Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Hi Miriam, I don't see any place that says where you're it VA? That's where I am. Aren't you just lovin' this snow;~} Do you know about the garden blogging community, Blotanical? If you aren't a member, you might like to check it out. You will meet a lot of garden bloggers that way, and get lots of visitors, and make friends, as well. If you let me know where you are, (and it's VA, would you mind if I list your blog link on my sidebar? Take care, Jan

Miriam said...


Thanks for writing. Yes, I'm in VA and I can't believe how much snow we got.

I'll definitely check out Blotanical. Of course, feel free to add my blog to your sidebar. I won't be posting regularly again until sometime next month when I start preparations for the upcoming season.

By the way, the series of amaryllis photos on your blog are fantastic.


The Major's Wife said...

wow, look at that snow!!! I'm so sad we missed it. I should call you sice you are probably home having a "snow day" Thank you for your email. We think of you ALL the time too!!! Let's chat and catch up, too much for an email none the less a blog comment. The paperwhites are so PRETTY. Miss you.

Also, I have a couple friends from my ACSC cooking club moving your way. Do you and Susan want to start another group? They might be interested.