Sunday, September 12, 2010

Class Distinction

Society Garlic
This is Society Garlic.  It's known by other names:  Pink Agapanthus or, for the academic types, Tulbaghia violacea.  It's of the amaryllis family and is native to South Africa.  It supposedly got its name because it was believed that it could be eaten without producing "garlic breath" and so it was acceptable for use in polite society. 

Society garlic likes full sun to light shade, it grows to about 12 inches high, and is hardy to zone 7.  I don't expect mine to return next year because I have it in such a small pot and it won't have much protection from winter elements.  However, I may try to keep it alive inside.

The leaves do have a garlic-like aroma but it's not overwhelming.  However, I cook with a lot of garlic so my nose may be desensitized.  Still, I love it for its grasslike leaves and elegant bloom.  High class indeed. 

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