Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Hydrangea in the Collection

Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa

This is Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa.  It's the second year that I've had it and it's had a wonderful season so far.  While it's similar to a mophead hydrangea, the flower clusters are slightly smaller. What I like most about it is the way it changes color.  When it first bloomed in late May, it was a very light pink, and now it is a deeper burgundy.

I have this hydrangea planted alone in a terra cotta pot that's about 19 inches in diameter.  During these sweltering few days that we've had, I've had to completely soak it every day. It likes full to part sun, is hardy to zone 5, and grows to about 4 feet.  Also, it blooms on old wood so be careful about pruning--only cut spent flowers or damaged stems.

This is the third hydrangea in my container garden collection.  It joins my Endless Summer and Pee Wee Oakleaf. 
Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa in May 2012

Hydrangea Serrata Preziosa in July 2012


Norman said...

Miriam--So gorgeous. This is not the gardening time in my life but your beautiful blog makes me "green" with envy! I hadn't visited in a long time and I'm so glad i stopped by to see this beautiful hydrangea. Lily was just asking me yesterday (!) if you could grow them in a pot and i didn't think of you at the time. She now has your blog address. See you soon, kind of. Susan

Miriam said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for writing. Hydrangeas are one of my all-time favorites and I was happy to discover that they do very well in pots. So tell Lily to give it a try and to write if she has questions. Enjoy the rest of the summer! --Miriam