Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Red Peppers

Bell Pepper "Red Beauty"

I grew two types of red peppers this year: one hot; one not.  I'll talk about the one that's not first.  It's called Bell Pepper "Red Beauty."  I bought it as a very small plant rather than growing it from seed.  I planted it in mid-May and it started producing about a month ago.  But you should know that first the peppers are green and then they turn red.  It's perfectly fine to eat them when they're green, but I think they get sweeter once they turn red so I wait.  And these peppers are very sweet (they have 0 Scoville units, remember Scoville units?)  Red Beauty is an annual that requires full sun, grows to about 24" high, and the pepper is about 4-6 inches from top to bottom. 

Serrano hot pepper
The second red pepper I grew is the Serrano.  And it's hot.  Like Red Beauty, it starts out green and you can use it then if you want.  I mostly use serrano when I make salsa.  Full sun for these as well.

Neither of these peppers has been bothered by pests this year and they demand nothing in the way of maintenance.  Also, I like to plant them with other things in one container.  For example, I have my serrano planted in a container with basil.  Neither has seemed bothered by being paired together. 


Swimray said...

If you have the chance, try 'Karma' from Park Seed. These bell peppers grow incredibly well in our climate.

Miriam said...

Ray: Thanks for the great tip! I'm putting it on my shopping list.