Sunday, March 31, 2013

Broccoli in March

Broccoli in March

I planted broccoli very late last year; I think it was the end of October.  Even though it's a cool weather vegetable, it occurred to me that once November rolled around and I still didn't have any broccoli, I probably should have started it a little earlier.  But then I looked out at my container at the beginning of this month and I noticed these florets.  I had broccoli on all four of my plants!  It was oh-so-tasty in my salad.

I've started making plans for this year's garden.  There's major cleanup to be done, which I'll document here--it won't be pretty though.  And I'll post the new things that I plant in the garden this season.  Look for posts on the weekend throughout the growing season. 

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Swimray said...

Looks great. Do you know the variety? I never tried planting at that time of year.

Miriam said...

Swimray--Great to hear from you--I hope your gardening plans are coming along. I don't know the type of broccoli--it had a very generic plant marker when I bought it. However, I plan to plant broccoli seeds this weekend. It is Calabrese Broccoli that I bought online from Seeds of Change. I will definitely report back on its progress. Thanks again for writing!