Sunday, April 14, 2013

Welcome Lady Elizabeth

Daylily "Lady Elizabeth"

She may sound like high-maintenance royalty but the truth is, she's anything but.  Daylilies are known for being super easy to grow and they're reliable bloomers.  I ordered Elizabeth from White Flower Farm and this is how she arrived:  bareroot.  I know; it looks like she could never survive a trip across town let alone the violent jostling she had to withstand on her trek from Connecticut to Virginia.  But I've received many plants this way (including roses) and it's rarely a problem.  So, all I did was separate the roots from the shredded paper, pull off the rubber band, and plant it in potting mix so that the crown of the plant is at soil level.  Then I watered.  Now I'll wait.

Plant crown at soil level

Elizabeth will grow to about 18" high while enjoying full to part sun.  She's hardy to zone 4 so there's a really good chance she'll survive winter in a container.  But I'll probably have to divide and replant within a couple of years because daylilies are prolific multipliers.  I'm supposed to see blooms starting in July.  Let's hope she lives up to her royal name.

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