Sunday, May 19, 2013

Last of the Lilac

Lilac "Bloomerang"

It was great while it lasted.  My lilac bloomed beautifully this spring but that beauty was fleeting--I only got to enjoy it for a few weeks.  Despite its name, Bloomerang, and all that it implies, it only bloomed once last year.  However, I read online that I should deadhead those blooms and by doing so maybe I could get it to rebloom later in the season.  I didn't do that last year, but I will this time around.  I'll report back.  Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.  I wish I could electronically transmit the amazing fragrance.  There's not a manufactured perfume out there that smells half as good as this.

This lilac is hardy to zone 4 and it's about 3 feet tall now in its 4th year. 

Lilac "Bloomerang"

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