Sunday, July 14, 2013

Exactly Three Months Later...

Lady Elizabeth Daylily
...Elizabeth, my daylily has bloomed.  And she's a beauty.  

You may recall that this plant arrived bareroot from White Flower Farm in the spring.  Its roots were wrapped in newspaper and it didn't look like much of anything.  But all I did was put it in a pot with some potting mix, time release fertilizer, and some earthworm castings.  I put the pot in full sun and just watered regularly. Now it's just starting to bloom.
Daylily arrives bareroot

So why is it called a daylily?  Because each bloom lasts about 24 hours.  Not to worry; there are other buds ready to open up when the previous one(s) wilt. 

Daylily in pot
Elizabeth is perennial so I should be able to count on her returning next year.  She's a good height for my container garden (18"), and she blends in well with all kinds of other flowers and plants.  Definitely a winner.

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