Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Harvest

Get a load of these.  They're Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes and they're ripening (almost) faster than we can eat them.  Once you try one of these, you'll never go back to those insipid looking tomatoes at the supermarket that taste like cardboard.  The Sweet 100s are like a taste explosion--you won't even want to take the time that's required to make a salad.  You'll just pop them in your mouth one after another like I do.  And I only share with people who are really (and I mean really) nice to me.

I bought these as tiny little plants online at White Flower Farm; however, I also saw them at the local nursery.  I ordered them because my mom gave me a White Flower Farm gift certificate for Christmas--this has been a gift that keeps on giving.  I have three plants in total--two red and one yellow (though more like gold). They're in rather large pots with tomato cages.  They grow FAST and need lots of support.  We even had to lash the cages to the deck railing when a couple of windstorms came through.  Mine are now 5 feet tall and the fruit is about 1-inch around.  They require full sun and are disease resistant.  Some of the leaves are turning a bit yellow though I don't see signs of pests or fungus.  They also get plenty of water.  I think that because they are in pots, the nutrients in the soil get washed away with practically every watering.  So even though I don't usually use much fertilizer, these plants demand it.  So I use Espoma Tomato-tone.  

Put Sweet 100s on your list for next year--and put people on notice that they better be nice.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those tomatoes look very delicious. Is this the peak season?

Miriam said...

Yes, it's definitely peak season. But according to White Flower Farm, where I bought the plants, these Sweet 100s will keep bearing fruit until frost. That sounds pretty optimistic. I'll just be happy if they keep me supplied through August. Thanks for visiting! --Miriam

Swimray said...

Lucky you. I grew Sweet 100 for the past three years, and it was always the first tomato variety to get the dreaded blight and die before the end of summer. But before that happened, lots of great tomatoes.

Leslie Cabe said...

They are delicious!!

Miriam said...

Ray--Is there anything organic that can be done about blight or do you let it run its course and salvage what you can?

Miriam said...

Leslie--Thanks for writing! I'm glad you enjoyed the tomatoes. We've had quite a bumper crop. I'll try to send more your way before the season ends. --Miriam