Sunday, August 23, 2009

Daisy in a Cup

This post is for anyone out there who still thinks they have a black thumb and that having a beautiful garden, even a small one, remains impossibly beyond their reach. This is a shasta daisy, growing in a plastic cup. It was given to me by someone who was dividing flowers in her garden and asked me if I wanted any. Well, I never turn down free flowers, and daisies are just about the most smile-inducing flowers around. How can looking at one not make you happy? Anyway, it was put in a plastic cup when there was only foliage--there was not a bud in sight. This temporary container was for transit purposes only. My intent was to get it home and replant right away. That was 6 weeks ago. As of yesterday, it was still in the cup. And much to my surprise, it was blooming. Quite nicely, in fact. All I did was water it. Now it will join some of my other plants in a larger container. So if you think you still can't grow a little garden in a pot, this daisy in a cup says that you can.


Maureen said...

Even I can do this! Daisy's are my favorite flower.

I haven't been to your blogspace in a while. I read through everything in this part. Your picture of the finch is excellent. Somehow, my regular guest around my containers is a bee - just one - that visits me every morning while I eat breakfast. I'd rather have the finch.

Next year I will plant the "cascading petunia-like plant". I hate that petunias are sticky but I love the colors. I also seem to be unable to kill them.

Serge Cornillet said...


I don't know how you do to get such beautiful flowers. I tried and in my house it's seem to be impossible to get such results.