Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big, Leafy Greens

This is Xanthosoma--a great, statement-making foliage plant. The xanthosoma shown here is "Lime Ginger", a most spectacular shade of charteuse which serves as great contrast to purples, oranges, really just about anything. This is a tropical plant, so forget about trying to keep it alive through the winter unless you live in Hawaii or some other similar paradise. Also, it is not an inexpensive plant. I bought it at the beginning of the season as a 4" plant for $20. Yikes. But if you ask me, it's worth it. It grows fast, needs no attention as long as it's placed in part sun/part shade, and only requires water. Oh sure, it would probably be even more amazing if I fertilized a few times during the season but it's September already and I haven't done that once. So if you have similar tendencies, I'd recommend using a slow-release fertilizer when you first plant it. That should get you pretty good results.


Nell Jean said...

This big green leafy plant is another to put on my list of 'Next Year' plants.

I have 'Black Magic' colocasia and just can't get enough of tropicals.

Miriam said...

Nell: Thanks for visiting my blog. I forgot to mention in my post that I bought my Xanthosoma online from Logee's. They have an amazing selection of tropicals every year. I've never been disappointed.--Miriam