Saturday, July 24, 2010

Berry Picking

The plant featured in my June 6th post was the Cumberland Black Raspberry.  After its third year in my garden, it finally produced fruit.  Let me just say, it was a very small harvest but this is what the berries looked like when they were ripe for the picking.  They were definitely tasty.  There were just too few of them.  Now I fully understand why berries are so expensive in the grocery store.  Of course, those prices are nothing compared to what it has cost me to produce my tiny little crop.  Obviously, I don't have the economies of scale that a farmer has but knowing what I know now, I won't suffer nearly the degree of sticker shock when I see the berry prices at my local grocery or farmer's market.

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Anonymous said...

Miriam, your site just keeps getting better. Your pics of all your efforts are absolutely beautiful. None os my plants looked anything close to yours. Thanks for sharing. Elaine