Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Climber

Clematis "Cezanne"
The great thing about climbing plants is they can add vertical interest to help you make maximum use of a small space.  I plant a mandevilla every year.  Three years ago, I planted a climbing rose.  This year, I added to my climbing plant collection:  this is Clematis "Cezanne".  I bought it online from White Flower Farm.  I planted it in the same container as my climbing rose which is yellow.  I think the yellow of the rose and the purple of the clematis will look great together.  The clematis is just getting started so I don't know what I can expect this first season. 

This plant is hardy to zone 4 and it is bred for containers and small spaces.  Its maximum height will be about 5 feet and it is supposed to bloom in May and June, and then again in September.  I'll be sure to report back on its progress.

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Swimray said...

I planted my first container last summer, and have planned two this year, thanks to your inspiration. Keep up.