Saturday, July 16, 2011

But It Doesn't Look Like Fruit

Belamcanda "Blackberry Lily"

Belamcanda "Blackberry Lily" Bloom
The common name for this plant is Blackberry Lily.  It's official name is Belamcanda Chinensis and it is native to China and Japan.  It's called Blackberry Lily because in late summer, the seed pod dries and breaks open, revealing a blackberry-like seed cluster.  It's pretty cool and can be used in dried flower arrangements.

Even though it has the name lily, it's really part of the iris family.  You can tell by the fan-shaped leaves.  Belamcanda grows to about 3 feet and is hardy to zone 5.  It blooms mid-summer and requires no special treatment.  I think it is useful as a focal point of a mixed container so you could plant some shorter, fuller plants around it, some sort of Heuchera would be good.  I'd also plant something that spills over the edge of the pot--maybe something like Calibrachoa with a bloom color that complements the bloom of the Belamcanda. 

I think Belamcanda is an interesting plant with an unusual bloom so it will definitely remain a permanent part of my container garden.  I also like the fact that the blackberry looking seed pods add interest to a winter garden.  Just don't eat them!

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Wow, what gorgeous pictures of some fabulous gardening my friend. Did you get a new camera, the pictures look great.