Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wild Thing...You Make My Heart Sing

Salvia "Wild Thing"

Salvia "Wild Thing"
This is a new perennial for me this year.  I've grown different types of salvia before, but this year, I discovered Salvia "Wild Thing".  The bloom is very unusual and the color is a wonderful, bold pink.  It likes part to full sun and is supposed to bloom from June until September.  That's a pretty long season for a perennial.  It's hardy to zone 6 so I am crossing my fingers that it returns next year.  Apparently, hummingbirds like it and, if you enlarge this picture and examine the shape of the bloom, you will see why.

I'm glad I came across this plant at the garden center.  It's a great addition to my garden.  As the song goes, "It makes everything groovy."

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