Monday, October 10, 2011


Geranium (Annual)
Even though I add more perennials to my garden each year, I always leave plenty of space for annuals.  Here's why:  Annuals provide a constant burst of color all season long.  They bloom and bloom again--they give it their all until the end of the season when they expire from sheer exhaustion.  They don't come back the following year (at least not in my zone) so if I want the same show, I have to go out and buy new the next season.  When you combine annuals and perennials in the same container, you are virtually guaranteed that something interesting will be going on the entire season.  You can count on the perennials returning next year (make sure they are hardy in your zone) and you can change things up by filling the space left by the previous year's annual with a different type of annual.

Here's one of my favorite types of annuals, the geranium.  I tend to avoid the traditional geranium colors like white and red.  Although those, planted in quantity, can make quite a statement.  I lean towards colors like this one and I especially like the variegation.  I don't know the name of this geranium because it didn't come with a plant tag.  I have it planted in a container with herbs--sage and thyme--both of which are perennial.

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Anonymous said...

Your geranium is beautiful! I have 4 geranium on my balcony (pink and white colors) in Stockholm and they have been blooming from May until now, even if the temperature is 10C during the day and 2C during the night. I will take my geraniums inside soon because the temperature will be below 0 soon.