Sunday, June 23, 2013

Controlled Chaos

Clematis 'Parisienne'

I love climbing plants--their rambling and chaotic nature.  But most climbers aren't well suited for container gardening because they need a lot of vertical space.  Introducing Clematis 'Parisienne'--not your normal clematis.  Many clematis climb up to 8 feet, sometimes taller.  My trellises aren't tall enough to accommodate that.  But Parisienne is short and compact, with a maximum height of 4 feet.  I have it climbing on an obelisk-type trellis and it looks terrific.  It just started to bloom and its purple blooms are

This clematis is hardy to zone 4 and blooms from May to June, with a second burst of bloom from August to September.  I have it in a pretty large pot (about 22" in diameter) and have some low growing plants around it (see last week's post on Erodium).  It likes a sunny location and good drainage.  I'll have to study up on the pruning guidelines to ensure I get good growth next year. 

Give climbers a try, especially if you're really short on space.  If you can't plant out, then plant up.

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