Sunday, August 18, 2013

Old Faithful

Heuchera "Obsidian"
There are some plants that you know you can rely on.  Heuchera is one of them.  It has never failed me, not once.  Oh sure, I've exposed a couple of them to more sun than they would like.  And they've protested a bit, but they've stuck with me.  These are the types of plants with which I am more generous with my real estate.  Altogether I probably have about ten varieties of heuchera scattered about in mixed containers.  They like part sun and most are hardy to zone 4.  In the spring, they shoot up some nice little delicate blooms, but when those fade, you still have the glory of its foliage.  One I particularly like is "Obsidian."  It has glossy purple, almost black leaves.  Fabulous if paired with a vibrant green or chartreuse plant.  Heuchera comes back strong every year, in fact, you'll have to divide it after about three years or so.  Fine by me.  More is better.

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