Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Makings for a Great Salad

Grape tomato harvest
Yellow bell pepper
There's not much more to say in this post other than "Yum!"  Here are some pictures of the edible things I have growing in containers.  The particular lettuce in the picture has made it through the summer without bolting (going to seed).  That's rare in a lettuce as it much prefers cool weather so I'll definitely be growing it again.  My grape tomatoes are super sweet; you can just pop these straight into your mouth.  It's a huge plant, by the way--I'm glad I got a tall support for it.  I'm also growing yellow pear tomatoes.  I didn't fertilize the tomatoes at all this year other than when I first planted them and I've had more than enough.  Also, I grew red and yellow bell peppers.  They start off green (see the smaller one above the yellow pepper shown here).  You just have to leave them on the plant to wait for them to turn color.  You don't have to wait though; you can eat them green.  But I like a yellow or a red pepper because it's sweeter.  

Lettuce (from seed)
So there you have it:  Delicious salad; comin' right up!
Yellow pear tomatoes

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice bounty from your container garden. The grape tomato harvest photo looks great. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Casa Mariposa said...

I grow all my veggies in containers, too, although my peppers are a bit uncooperative this year. Our summers are too hot for lettuce but it's on my Grow list for the fall. Everything looks fabulous!

Miriam said...

Dear Casa Mariposa--Thanks for writing. I love the name--do you get lots of mariposas in your garden? I've had a bit of trouble with my bell peppers this year as well. They're not as abundant and if I wait a day too late to harvest them, they turn slimy really fast. I did not have that problem last year. Thanks for visiting my blog and sending a comment. --Miriam

Leslie Cabe said...

THANK YOU! Greg just gave these to me and they look so yummy and smell really fresh! I can't wait to
throw them into a salad!

Miriam said...

I hope you enjoy them. It was a good crop. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and sending a comment. --Miriam

Anonymous said...

Hi! I live in Maryland and grow all my veggies and flowers in containers on a roof top terrace.I would love to know the name of the lettuce you grew from seed that did not bolt. We have had a cooler than usual summer but there were those HHH (hazy, hot and humid) days we are so used to....Thanks!

Miriam said...

Hello to Anonymous from Maryland. You asked about what type of lettuce I planted that did not bolt. It is called Nevada Lettuce. I planted it from seed. I ordered the seeds online from Seeds of Change. They are 100% certified organic. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. It's great that you are able to grow in containers too. Your rooftop garden must be beautiful. --Miriam

Swimray said...

Your post reminded me that I too grew yellow pear tomatoes years ago. This year I returned to some plants I haven't grown in years - and I will need to put the yellow pear tomatoes on the list for next year. BTW, my bell peppers are spectacular (again).

Miriam said...

Swimray: Hope you're having a great summer. It sounds like your garden is doing well. Congratulations on another year of great bell peppers! Thanks as always for visiting and for sending a comment. --Miriam