Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's About Thyme

Thyme in a mixed herb planting
We cook a lot.  And we use a whole bunch of herbs.  It gets super expensive. Those of you who buy herbs know what I mean.  So that's why I try to grow as many as I can.  I'll have future posts about the other herbs I grow, but today it's about thyme. 

So thyme is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.  In the Middle Ages, it was thought to bring courage.  Well, it's 2014 and I say, who among us today couldn't do with an extra dose of that?

There are all sorts of thyme so read your plant tag carefully.  If you plan to cook with it, be sure to get "Thymus Vulgaris."  The name "vulgaris" would indicate otherwise, but it really is the kind you put in your food.  It's not to be confused with other types of thyme that you probably shouldn't eat like "woolly thyme" (a great ground cover) and "creeping thyme" (a great ornamental).

I have found that thyme likes full sun, heat, and excellent drainage.  It's perennial in most regions so mine often returns year after year.

I use thyme in my chilis and sauces as well as chicken marinades.  If you're a pork and beef eater, it's a great seasoning for those.  

So grow some thyme.  It's so easy and you'll save yourself some bucks (and add to your courage).
Thyme for cooking ("culinary" thyme)

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JennB said...

Hi...I'm a writer in DC working on a small space gardening piece for the Washington Post. I believe you are in DC? I'd love to see images of your garden to maybe consider it for the piece, if that might be of interest.

Jennifer Barger

Swimray said...

I was super confused at all the types of thyme available at a local nursery, and ended up buying none as a result. The salesperson recommended the 'English Thyme,' but think next year I will be armed with the latin name thanks to you.

Miriam said...

Ray: I agree, it's very confusing. I see lots of types of oregano too. Definitely get some thyme next year. I've found that I grow more than I can actually use for cooking and it's a pretty good filler for a mixed container. Hope your garden is looking good so far!