Sunday, June 22, 2014

Playing Catch Up

It's just dirt

I spent two straight weekends planning, buying, organizing, and planting.  I first had to get the basic supplies:  potting mix, earthworm poo, Osmocote time-release fertilizer, a few pots to replace the ones that were cracked beyond repair from the winter, and a new watering hose. Oh, and another pair of gloves.  The ones shown here keep my palms dry when things start to get messy. 

I'm often astonished at how much I pay for dirt.  It's just dirt.  But be sure not to use soil from your garden when you plant.  First, it's way too heavy and drainage will be a problem.  Second, it might harbor bacteria and fungus that will damage your new plants.

Start scooping
If you haven't started planting your containers, it's really not too late.  Just be sure not to buy anything that would have already bloomed in the spring.  Unless, of course, it's a perennial and you don't mind waiting until next spring.  In that case, make sure it will survive the winter in your pot by checking the hardiness zone.  You can get all of that information by reading the plant tag.

Now get digging.

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