Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Delightful Little Rose

Jean Mermoz
I lost two roses over the winter and decided not to replace them.  Roses in general are just too high maintenance for me; I'm a carefree type of gardener.  I don't like all of the attention roses demand especially when, in the end, they often disappoint you.  But this little rose has not been a disappointment at all this year, in fact, it's been just the opposite. I bought Jean Mermoz 5 years ago from Antique Rose Emporium and I think this has been its best year yet.  It's been in the same pot the entire time and I dig a couple of annuals into the soil surrounding it just fill out the space.  Jean started blooming in May and has not stopped.  In fact, today, I counted at least 25 buds ready to open up at any minute. 

Jean Mermoz has a low-growing, compact habit and likes full sun.  The bloom is less than 2 inches across and the plant is hardy to zone 5.  
Jean Mermoz

I'd say that if you want to take a chance on a rose, this one is probably worth the risk.

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