Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is it Lunch Yet?

I had a visitor today that hung around long enough for me to run to get the camera and take a picture through the glass door. Look closely, it's perched on the chair back. Try clicking to enlarge so you can get a better look. This finch visits often but usually only in the morning. And it always seems to know when I'm going for the camera because it flies off right when I've clicked the shutter so I end up with nothing but a frustrating yellow blur. This might be the best picture I ever get.

I had to do some sleuthing to see what it liked so much about my garden. Then I saw that it had clearly been going to town on my zinnias. It evidently really likes the seeds. This finch has a little friend that often tags along for a visit to the buffet but it didn't stay very long this afternoon.

Note to self: more zinnias next year.

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Alan Evil said...

Goldfinches LOVE cone flowers! Plant some of those and put up a finch feeder (get the ones with the perches above the feeding hole to foil the sparrows) and you'll see tons of them all summer. The females look very different from the males but you can tell they're not sparrows. The males are also very dull in the early spring and don't really hit that bright gold until midsummer.