Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Million Bells

This is a great flower for containers. It's called Calibrachoa but is also known as Trailing Petunia or Million Bells. The blooms are petunia-like in shape, just a whole lot smaller. You know how petunias are sticky? I hate that. Well, these aren't. And you know how you have to pinch back the spent blooms on petunias? I hate that too. Well, you don't have to pinch back or deadhead these. They keep blooming and blooming and ask for nothing in return but plenty of sun and water. Calibrachoa is an annual and it loves good drainage which is why it's ideally suited for containers. Million Bells looks like a million bucks all summer long.


kimberly said...

I planted four calibrachoa plants in June, and all of them have died off. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, they get plenty of sun, water and drainage. They just wilt :(

Miriam said...

Kimberly: How disappointing to hear about your calibrachoa. What do you have it planted in and what kind of drainage do you have? What is the sun exposure (which direction) and how many hours of sun? What about the soil? Is it planted with anything else in the same container? I've noticed that mine must be watered every day without fail--even if it doesn't get very hot because the container isn't very large. One thing worth trying (if you still have the plant) is to aggressively cut it back--I mean, have no mercy. Then resume with watering and see if it starts to show signs of new growth. Good luck with it and the rest of your garden.--Miriam

cristina romania said...

hello, i have a big problem. this year i bought a million bells calibracoa flower and my question is how will i do to multiply it, when shoul i do it. can anyone help me and tell me step by step what i have to do pleaseeee.