Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Project of the Season

Seed packets (Buy at grocery, nursery, or online)
I've decided that I want a little more food in my container garden this year so last weekend, I planted lettuce.  Here's what I did:  (1)  I got a wooden wine box from the small grocery store that I visit often.  It probably helps that I had a full cart of paid-for groceries when I asked the manager for it.  You'd think a wine box would be easy to get your hands on but I've had stores that I'm positive get lots of them tell me "no" when I've asked for one. I'm not sure what they do with theirs but maybe it's no coincidence that these boxes can be found (for a price) on eBay. (2) I drilled holes for drainage.  Please wear goggles. (3) I bought different types of lettuce seeds.  (4) I filled the box with potting soil and added some Osmocote timed release fertilizer. (5) I planted the seeds.  They are teeny tiny so you barely have to press them into the soil.  Then sprinkle the soil with water.  Don't overdo the water part. (6) I check the box every 15 minutes to see if anything has sprouted.  So here are some pictures and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Wooden wine box

Drilled holes (Wear goggles!)

Seedlings after one week

Don't forget to label!


gflady said...

I love the wine box idea. Sadly, I think it's already too warm in Albuquerque to plant lettuce. But, it was cold late enough that I don't think it would have survived an earlier planting either. What other vegetables/herbs are you going to plant?

Miriam said...

Hi gflady:
Thanks for writing! You might be surprised that lettuce might work for you. But maybe instead of growing from seed, you could look for seedlings that have already been established. You'll still have a decent harvest before the real heat hits. I'll be growing several other things: snap peas and carrots (both from seed), tomatillo, bell pepper, Serrano pepper, strawberries, and lots and lots of herbs. So stay tuned!