Saturday, August 23, 2008

Enjoy the Show

I'm a sucker for a good before and after story. Although, I'm always curious about the "after" part because I wonder how long it really takes before there is considerable backsliding. Perhaps you've thought the same when you've seen a personal makeover show or a decluttering/redecorating episode. So I'd like to offer an example of an "after" that only gets better with time.

Below left is a photo I took when I first bought my butterfly bush in May. By all appearances, it didn't look too promising. But such is the case with most perennials in general and the butterfly bush in particular--which is why I have it in the garden every year (I now have a total of three). To the right of the "before" picture is how the same plant looks today. This is Butterfly Bush "Peacock", a compact version that is hardy to zone 5 which means it will return for me next year. It blooms midsummer to fall and will grow to about 4 feet in height. It loves the sun and plenty of water. And you know my modus operandi: I hardly ever fertilize so when I say this is a high performing, low maintenance plant, you can believe it.

And the best part of all is this plant is true to its name. It attracts all kinds of butterflies. All day long.


Northern Shade said...

It's always fun to see the transformation, from little stick in a pot to beautiful blooming plant. Isn't it great when a plant brings life, like butterflies, to the garden?

Karen said...

I had planted a butterfly bush in my garden but had to remove it because it became a monster...beautiful yes, but monster none-the-less. Now I know that, yes, I can once again have a butterfly bush...just in a pot!!! Yea!

Miriam said...

Karen: Yes, butterfly bush can be horribly invasive. It takes a container to make it behave. I'll always have one on my deck because it attracts the most beautiful butterflies. Thanks for visiting and for your wonderful comments. --Miriam