Monday, August 25, 2008

Lovely Cecile

Cecile Brunner arrived at my house on the second day of May. She was one of two purchases I made from the Antique Rose Emporium which specializes in old roses, that is to say, roses that have been around for so long almost no amount of neglect can deter them from being the beautiful flowers that they are. So thanks again to my friend Barbara for recommending this company to me.

In that May 2nd post, I showed you how carefully Cecile was packaged so as to ease any apprehension you might have about buying plants via mail order. I planted the rose in a very large pot made of composite material in hopes of leaving it out all winter. I am reassured because Cecile is hardy to zone 5 but I will still do some crossing of fingers and toes, just in case. Because the pot is so big, I added a multitude of plants as companions including a butterfly bush which I am certain will return as well as various annuals that I will have to replace next year. I probably won't have to add as many annuals because when the rose and butterfly bush return, they will take up more space in the pot.

As you can see from the images below, Cecile is not a huge, in-your-face sort of rose. Rather than come on too strong, she makes her presence known in an understated way. So while it's not the first thing to get noticed, once seen, it is sure to be greatly appreciated.


Louise said...

Cecile is beautiful but I don't think I can fit another big plant on my deck! I'd love to have a smaller rose bush though.

Miriam said...

Louise: Definitely give Antique Rose Emporium a call. If you tell them your specs, they can guide you in the right direction so when you are ready to plant, whether it's this fall or in the spring, you'll have some ideas. I think they are very reasonably priced as well--all roses are $18.95. Good Luck!--Miriam

Anonymous said...


This is Mother Key, I love your roses. I am a rose lover myself. When we last spoke had I known we had the same interest we could talked more about it, but now I have your wonderful blog.

Mother Key

Miriam said...

Mother Key: Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comments. This Cecile Brunner rose is magnificent and happens to be blooming like crazy right now. Do keep checking in to see what I'm working on. I'm wondering if you grew any flowers in containers when you lived in NYC.--Miriam