Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Different Perspective

From time to time I'll be out watering my plants and a neighbor will walk by and offer nice words about my garden. I never really see it from their point of view so I thought maybe I should walk around to the back of the house and have a look (click photo to enlarge). While the only way to get the full sense of it is to actually be standing on my deck, the rear view is pretty decent--particularly when you consider that there is many a bare deck in our development. So if I can make someone's view a little nicer while they walk from their car to their townhome after a long day's work and commute, then I'm pretty happy about that.


Louise said...

What a nice view! My deck is very similar to yours and I thought I've filled up my deck this year until I see yours. I love how you create different height with your flowers and makes it so much more interesting.

Charles said...

Miriam that is a beautiful deck with the lovely flowers. Well done from your father's good friend.


Charles said...

Miriam that is a beautiful deck and lovely flowers. Well done from a good friend of your father.


BuddyGarden said...

Miriam-just wondering what is the plant with the pink flowers?

Miriam said...

Hi Louise: The plant I think you are referring to is the Mandevilla. It's a climber and comes in different colors. I plant one every year and it climbs like crazy. Just a quick note--if you decide to plant one next year, wait until nighttime temps are consistently above 55F (usually late May for us).--Miriam

James said...


It's a wonder you don't a machete to deal with all that foliage. I'm sure the rest of the development is way too intimidated to attempt a garden on their deck after passing that. You've set the bar pretty high.