Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two Gauras

In this post, I am showing you side by side pictures of my two gauras. There are a bunch of reasons I like gaura, not the least of which is it can be relied upon to return every year in my containers. When it gets too large, I just divide it and replant the divisions in different pots and it continues unfazed.

Gaura is a spring to late fall bloomer that requires mostly sun and the blooms appear all along each thin but resilient stem. When the breeze catches it, it's just so pretty.

After blooming (late fall/early winter), I hack it back aggressively using no particular technique.

While this plant grows nicely here in our warm and humid Virginia climate, it is also quite drought tolerant. So for my friends and readers in the Southwest who are accustomed to only growing desert-loving succulents, you might give gaura a try.

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