Sunday, September 21, 2008

Keeping it Simple

By now you've noticed that I enjoy getting big pots and loading each of them with a variety of different plants. And I'll admit that it can get complicated when trying to make sure each plant in the combination has similar needs. Not only that, there's more room for error (and wasted money) when one (or more) of the plants doesn't work out and you have to make replacements. I usually factor all of that into the equation but I also know that some people can't be bothered. That's why I wanted to post this picture--to demonstrate that something can be exceedingly simple yet astonishingly beautiful at the same time.

The real work of art here is the cast iron urn. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces and with it, there's not much chance I'm going to go wrong, no matter what I plant in it. Still, one has to keep in mind color and proportion so that's why I chose this Carex grass. First, the shade of green is a nice complement to the bluish hues of the urn. And second, the height and growth habit of the foliage make the whole thing work.

Carex is perennial to zone 5 and appreciates partial sun. It's a slow but steady grower and, like almost all plants, requires excellent drainage. So there you have it. Life is complicated enough, but your garden doesn't have to be.

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Susan said...

You were totally reading my mind yesterday. We have a new (bare) deck and i was off to the store to buy potting soil and plants and felt completely overwhelmed. i told Norman that i thought of calling you for help but i felt like it would be calling the calculus ph.d. for help in basic math. but i did OK and i'll send you a picture. i kept it very simple and more functional (bok choy, herbs, lettuce and spinach and one beautiful coleus) than aesthetic.