Friday, May 9, 2008

Color Coordination

Today's weather was not conducive to plant shopping. It's been pouring rain, windy and chilly so I've postponed my shopping trip. I hope to get out there on Sunday. Meanwhile, I was digging through my gardening books and supplies and rediscovered this handy tool that beginning gardeners might appreciate. Often times, beginning gardeners don't trust their own eyes when it comes to selecting plants and coordinating colors. Sometimes it seems like more of a challenge when you are planting a container because everything is jammed in there so close and it can be much more startling if competing colors are battling it out in such a small space.

My first piece of advice would be to trust your own eye because you probably won't go too wrong. But if you need a crutch, or just a handy tool to inspire you to think outside your usual realm of color combinations, here's what I recommend: The Gardener's Color Wheel. It's pretty much an artist's color wheel but tweaked a little bit for a gardener's use. It comes with a booklet that reviews the vocabulary of color, explains contrast and harmony and offers color scheme ideas. The wheel can be found for about $15 at the Color Wheel Company .

Bookshelf: Container Gardening Books

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James said...

This is really coming along. Pretty exciting stuff and I'm not even a gardener. I'm one of your typical houseplant that can survive 2 weeks without water people. I posted your site in the General Discussion area of the Nikon Cafe forum. I just thought you'd like to see what a couple people said:


"Great, I can't wait to read it on an on-going basis. Living in the city here, I'm a big fan of container gardening."

Taco...Manitoba Canada

"Thanks for the link. Your sister is a talented lady. I'll read her entire blog when I get a chance and leave my comments. I have 5 acres to mess around with and am looking into using discarded car tires to contain soil and prevent flooding during the wet spells."