Sunday, May 25, 2008

What's Not to Like?

My friend Barbara detests coleus, in all its forms. She despises it with a vigor and passion most people reserve only for beets and brussels sprouts. Myself, I incorporate it into my containers not because I have any particular love for it but because it is such a convenient filler. I've generally been ambivalent where coleus is concerned. But I really began to rally around it, to champion its cause when I learned how much Barbara disliked it. I even went so far as to send her a link on Amazon to a book that was devoted exclusively to coleus. She laughed.

But I'm going to take one more stab at swaying her opinion by introducing her to a type of coleus I discovered today called 'Fishnet Stockings'. You've got to love that name. And the colors: a deep, deep purple and a lime-y green. The combination of colors could not be more perfect. What a great companion for all manner of containers including the all-foliage one I planted today. This terra cotta pot is about 16 inches in diameter and in it I planted the following: Coleus 'Fishnet Stockings' (1); Creeping Jenny (1); Sweet Potato Vine 'Margarita' (2); Thyme 'Hi Ho Silver' (2); Japanese Silver Grass (1); Purple Sage (1); Ajuga (Bugleweed) (1).

Fishnet Stockings.....what's not to like?

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James said...

High fives for hating beets and brussel sprouts!!!!

I missed the last few entries so I had to catch up. After reading, I'm convinced I can't write worth beans.

bvilla said...
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Barbara said...

Yes, I detest coleus, in all its forms. :-) I need to look at "Fishnet Stockings" in person before I make my final determination, but I wouldn't hold out much hope. I can't really explain my dislike, except to say that coleus is just so garish. It's like the kitsch of the garden. And of course, it's rather ironic that I adore beets and brussels sprouts! :-)

Love the blog, and am enjoying reading all of your posts. I got out in my garden last week and planted some of my containers. My new favorite shade plant is torenia. Perfect color for my dark front porch!