Saturday, May 24, 2008

An Old Favorite

This is one of my favorite things to plant in. I bought it about six years ago from the White Flower Farm catalog. I checked a couple of weeks ago, hoping to get another one, but they must not be selling it anymore. Our local nursery has containers that sort of resemble this so I might have to check them out. Anyway, anytime you have a container or hanging basket that you can't put soil directly in, you need to incorporate some sort of material that will keep the soil contained. Here, I've used coconut husk that was made into a bowl shape. It cost about $2.99. I then filled with potting mix and some time release fertilizer. Since this container is only about 8 inches in diameter and the structure of it is more elegant than a big old terra cotta pot, you want to consider plants that are a little less bold and dramatic. For this, I chose three plants:

Whisper Salmon Red Diascia. This will be the first year I've planted this. I read the label and it said that it blooms all season, requires full sun and reaches 7-10" tall. Worth a try.

Heuchera Key Lime Pie: Heuchera is one of my all-time favorite perennials. I have never had it fail me. It does have tall spiky blooms in the spring but I buy it for the foliage which comes in all kinds of colors. Better yet, it is hardy to zone 4 so when I plant it in pots, it always returns the following year. Heuchera requires part sun/part shade.

Creeping Wire Vine: This is a great trailer and creates a dense mat of foliage. It needs full or partial sun so obviously, it's not very picky.


Cheryl said...

I'm all caught up on your blog and LOVE it. Didn't know you were such a good writer!!! I see a book deal coming soon. I have never planted different herbs into one larger container but might try it this year, I think that will work better for me. My deck may not get enough sun though.

James said...

Btw, the photo links don't work on this entry. Was that intentional?